M-Zones Publications - Deliverable D2.4, 3.4 and D4.4

MUCS 2004 - Overview

Editors Workshop Title 1st CFP Final CFP Programme
Vincent Wade Second International Workshop on Management of Ubiquitous Communications and Services

MUCS 2004 - Key Note Speakers

Author(s) Affiliation Title
Mr. John Strassner TeleManagement Forum (USA) Next Generation Management Challenges for Ubicomp
Prof. Lajos Hanzo University of Southampton (UK) In pursuit of Interference-free Wireless Communications
Prof. Morris Sloman Imperial College London (UK) Adaptive Management and Security for Ubiquitous Systems

MUCS 2004 - Technical Session 1: Management of Adaptive, Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s) Affiliation Paper Title Abstract
Dirk Pesch, Susan Rea Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland) Fuzzy Logic based Multi-Metric Route Management for Ad-hoc Networks using Realistic Mobility Mode
Feng Mei-yu, Cheng Sheng, Zhang Xu, Ding Wei Beijing University (China) Reliable Multicast Transport in Ad hoc Networks
Claude Tadonki, Jose Rolim University of Geneva (Switzerland) Integer programming heuristic for the dual power management problem in sensor networks

MUCS 2004 - Technical Session 2: Managing Access in Adaptive Systems

Author(s) Affiliation Paper Title Abstract
Mike White, Brendan Jennings Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland) Adapting Access Rights to the changing profile of user sets present in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Kevin Feeney Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) Community Based Policy Management for Smart Spaces
Rob Brennan, Karl Quinn, Declan O'Sullivan, Dave Lewis, Vincent P. Wade Ericsson R&D Ireland, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) On the Application of Paired Comparison to Trust

MUCS 2004 - Technical Session 3: Management of Adaptive, Context-aware Services

Author(s) Affiliation Paper Title Abstract
Holger Kirchner, Zhou Wang Fraunhofer IPSI (Germany) Support Location-Awareness in Service Discovery for Mobile Users
Alex Galis, Joan Serrat, Danny Raz, Arto Juhola, Panagiotis Georgatsos, Jaime M. Serrano, Javier Justo, Ricardo Marín, Rami Cohen, Kimmo Ahola, Nikolaos Vardalachos, Kerry Jean, Takis Damilantis University College London (UK),Universitat Polytechnica Catalunia (Spain), Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), VTT (Finland), Algonet (Greece) ContextWare Programmable Middleware
Kevin Carey, Dave Lewis, Steffen Higel, Vincent Wade Trinity College Dublin, (Ireland) Adaptive Composite Service Plans for Ubiquitous Computing

MUCS 2004 - Technical Session 4: Adaptive Service Infrastructure

Author(s) Affiliation Paper Title Abstract
Eric Garcia, Herv´e Guyennet, Jean-Christophe Lapayre and Fabien Renard Université de Franche-Comté (France) A Novel Approach to Handle Ubiquitous Communication: Global Adaptation
Maurice Mulvenna, Roy Sterritt, Agnieszka Lawrynowicz, Gerard Devlin University of Ulster at Jordanstown (N. Ireland), Institute of Computing Science (Poland) Service Delivery Platforms: Servicing Real-World Mobile Ubiquitous Computing Applications
Declan O’Sullivan, Dave Lewis, Vincent Wade Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) Enabling Adaptive Semantic Interoperability for Pervasive Computing

M-Zones Interal Workshop, December 2nd, Waterford, Ireland


Sven van der Meer Introduction, Overview and Schedule of the Internal Workshop and the Poster Sessions

Session A

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Ken Murray Revenue optimisation by the use of policy based management & evolutionary computing for admission control in heterogeneous wireless access networks
Susan Rea Fuzzy Logic based Multi-Metric Route Management for Ad-hoc Networks using a Realistic Mobility Model
Chong Shen Self-Management of Hybrid Wireless Networks Using Autonomic Computing Principles
Pawel Rulikowski UWB system for sensor network
Demonstration: Andrew Betson, Karen Doyle Synergetic Positioning Architecture

Session B

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Kevin Feeney Community based policy management
Keara Barrett, Ray Carroll, Venet Osmani, Sven van der Meer User-Centric Management of Ubiquitous Environments - Challenges & Initial Solutions
Tony O'Donnell Configuration & Interaction Tools in a UbiComp Environment

Session C

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Alan McGibney Optimization of AP Placement for Automatic Design of Large Scale WLANs
Aine McCarthy Service Delivery in ad hoc networks using Jini / Mobile Ad hoc Testbed Development
Stephen Davy Security Aspects in Smart Spaces
Ruaidhri Power Utilizing Context in Adaptive Information Services for Pervasive Computing Environments

Session D

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Kev Carey Automatically Refining Composite Service's Adaptive Behaviour Policies
Karl Quinn deepTrust Management Application for the Discovery, Selection, and Composition of Trustworthy Services
Steffen Higel Adaptive, Pattern Drive Web Service Composition
Gary Gaughan Dynamically Rating and Accounting for Composed Services
Alan Davy, Brendan Jennings Coordinated Adaptation of Session-based Composite Services for the Mobile User
Demonstration: Alan Davy, Martin Feeney, Miguel Ponce de Leon Wireless Smart Home Control